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A membership in the state’s only broad-based business advocacy organization is an incredible way to unify the voice of Texas business leaders, so we can have a powerful impact in keeping our state moving in a positive direction. By joining the TAB, you lend your support to advocacy efforts that benefit our overall economy, while staying informed on pertinent issues that can affect your bottom line. Supporting the Texas Association of Business is an investment in your business and the state's future. Our success on your behalf is based entirely on the strong support we receive from you and other leading employers.

Membership Investment Click the link below for special pricing information. A portion of your membership investment may be tax deductible as an ordinary business expense. In order to join Texas Association of Business, please complete the form below.

Do you have an interest in a more involved relationship? Look at the Lone Star Initiative – TAB Advocacy Membership Options: Each Lone Star member plays a vital and visible role in the development of Texas’ future. To learn more click here or contact us at: (800) 856-6721

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Membership Benefits

Advocacy The TAB makes sure employers are heard in Austin while defending them against becoming a target for political criticism or attack. Member input guides the TAB’s professional lobbyists to write laws, amend bills, halt bad legislation, and effect regulations and appointments. Our objective is to make Texas the best business climate in the world.

Influence As a member, you can participate in TAB’s policy committees and have a direct voice in the development and recommendation of policy positions. The TAB has the ability to reach out and communicate with thousands of influential civic, community, and business leaders as well as the public. The TAB has access to the “bully pulpit” and can help bring an issue to the mainstream and gain positive resolution.

Resource Through TAB publications, you will have access to important year-round information and news pertaining to Texas business. We also provide meetings, webinars, seminars, emails, conference calls, employer focused publications, information posters, and employer hotlines.

Business leaders, association executives, local chambers, candidates for office, business consultants, public policy makers and others often seek the TAB’s opinions, perspective, guidance, experience and help with matters of concern to their companies, their industry, their communities and their personal situations.

As a member, you too become equipped with the TAB’s responsive staff and knowledge on interests that are important to you, your company, your industry, your community. By serving our members and making their voice heard, we are the voice and strongest ally for Texas business.